Anne Marie, Ghost of the Sea

by monkeyheaven



released March 29, 2013



all rights reserved



monkeyheaven has all the usual stuff you'd expect to find in a popular music outfit except musicians or popular music.

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Track Name: The World Isn't Ready For Me
I tried to catch her eye at work today
To tell her something I've no words to say
But all the rest of them got in the way
And I put my head back down again

I only wanted to convey to her
A genius that's vanishingly rare
But I was forced to the conclusion that
The world isn't ready for me

It simply lacks the understanding
The subtlety and the commanding wit and grace
I'm better than this place
Best quit and leave no trace
For this world isn't ready for me

I'm slowly suffocating in the grey
Among the commonplace and everyday
I need to blaze a trail, to find a way
Like Jimi did at Monterey

I must describe a sharply upward curve
To give her everything that she deserves
She's better than the fools she deigns to serve
But I am better still, my love

It's all so undemanding
For an artist of future standing
Like myself
It's playing havoc with my health
To spend a lifetime on this shelf
Because the world isn't ready for me

I might undergo rebranding
And come back even more outstanding than before
I may be absent from this shore
Until I'm something she can't ignore
Can't do other than adore
When the world becomes ready for me

But the world isn't ready for me
Track Name: Suicide
I am just a shadow playing
Brechtian routines
One night all the lights will fade and...
[Fold this scene]

It's peaceful and uncomplicated
Floating back upstream
On the night you only wake to walk
Into a dream

Track Name: Tell Me
Tell me again
How sweet it is
To be with me

Tell me again
How much you'll miss
My company

Even though I know you are a liar
I don't care I don't care
Not one little bit
Your thoughts are unimportant
Cause I'm caught up in the moment
And the words just fit

So tell me again
How sweet it is
Tell me just tell me
Just tell me again

Tell me again
You've longed for this
Tell me just tell me

Tell me again how much you'd give
To sleep with me
Tell me again I want to live
This dangerously

Even though you know I am a liar
You don't care you don't care not one little bit
Your thoughts are not important
When they're swallowed in the moment
And the rest

So tell me again
How sweet it is
Tell me just tell me just
Tell me again
Tell me again
And again
Track Name: Stars Can Revolve Around Stars
Come on
You got one wrong
It's not the end of the world
You're such a sensitive girl
In the dreams
You were dreaming
In the longest night of your life
In the bed you shared with his wife
In the hotel
Now the darkness laps at the edge
Of the waterlogged windowledge
Where you perch
Quietly alone
Above a town you've never known

And you see the lights
As the stars ignite
Can you see the lights
Can you see

On the streets the lights
Are at sea tonight
Can you see the lights
Anne Marie

See the lights
Can you see the lights
Can you see the lights
Anne Marie

Anne Marie the lights
On the sea tonight
Can you see the lights
Anne Marie

Anne Marie the lights
Those sad satellites
Can you just sit tight
Wait for me
Anne Marie

Can you see the lights
You're at sea tonight
Will you be alright
Anne Marie

Anne Marie
Track Name: Anne Marie
Oh come on
We can do what we've never done
We could freeze out in the sun
So come on

Anne Marie
The best you'll ever be
As cold as you can be
You're the one
So come on

So come on
A hundred men are on the run
A hundred stars whose time has come
And I'm one

You can't just sit and wait for fun
You got to give it to someone
So come on

Anne Marie
A kingdom by the sea
I don't mean literally
But come on

Anne Marie
The last I'll ever see
There's only you and me
So come on
We could run

We could run
So come on
Track Name: Iceland
Come to me
My sinner sent away
Cross continents
An unfamiliar way

To Iceland
To Iceland
They sent you to Iceland
Velkommin in Iceland

But just not today
Track Name: Wintertown
Going down
Into the wintertown
You'll wear the gown
Your wore when you last were found

And you thought you'd never get there
But you'll get there in the end
How I wish we'd never met there
Now there's no time left to spend

Just going down
Into the wintertown

You come in to say that you won't but you will but you...
Oh you lied
You say it's a bore but it's really a thrill No but
Yes you might
It's always the same when you're dressing to kill in the
Dying light

And even though you might go missing
Out of sound and out of sight
To the world you'll never listen
For permission in the night

Going down
Into the wintertown
Track Name: Ooh La La
I've seen it all before
You and he
Clambered your way ashore
Always leave wanting more
Or is that me?
Can't say I ever saw
The irony

You shit
You went and did it
On the rug
On my
La la la la la la la la

I saw you on the floor
You and he
Reflected on Aznavour
Something about l'amour
Without me
Always leave wanting more
Didn't he?

Oh my
Ooh la la
La la
Track Name: Forsake Me
Christ you're all
I ever had
And Christ you're all
So grim

The things you hid
Were very bad
The things you did
With him

Forsake me
Never my darling
Forsake me
Never mind love

From behind your caravette
I watched you walk in sillhouette
With him
With him

Just before your minuet
I saw you light a cigarette
For him
For him

Forsake me
Never my darling
Forsake me
Never mind love

Forsake me
Never my darling
Forsake me
Track Name: Scenes From The Life Of A Double Monster
(Twenty years had passed since that grey spring morning)

We're meant to be
Only we
Are not quite real
How d'you feel
I don't think this
Is frightening
And all the seals
Will dance a reel 
While falling

(Each was perfectly normal but together they formed a monster)
Track Name: When You Were Someone Else's Wife
I don't understand the meaning
Of the indiscreet thoughts and indelicate feelings I get
When you pirouette
And though I've never

Met such a group
Of talentless people in one sorry troupe
I'm a brute
Who kinda thinks it's cute
To pick forbidden fruit

I've never in my life
Considered you for my wife
I've only ever seen
Those pictures of you on the men you tattoo
In vermillion and aquamarine

And yet I'll regret
The lack of the colour I only could get
In my life
(Indiscipline was rife)
When you were someone else's wife

Ever on his arm
Though sometimes you'd slip from it only to charm
The wolves out from the trees
But only as far as the faraway bar
Where you always went weak at the knees

And oh have you heard
Of something so foolish grotesque and absurd
Yet it's true
Through all the red and blue
I think I fell in love with you

Yes it's true
Though this is not your sole virtue
Well I guess I fell in love with you
Track Name: Stay
Stay there
And live
With one
Who can give

All that
All that if
You forgive

The stars for being bright
The moon
For being out tonight
Too soon

If you stay there

Stay there and be
All there is to me
Stay there and live
No need to forgive

To forgive the wine for being red
The bed
For being where you'd rest your head

If you
Stayed there
If you'd
Stayed there
If you'd
Stay there
If you'd stayed there

If you'd stayed
If you'd stayed
If you stay
Track Name: Forgotten History
Out at sea
This could be
The forgotten history

Of you and me
Shapes in lee
The form remains
A mystery

A boy
Without a face
A girl who's there
But is always
Out of place

The shadow she
Came to be
Is our forgotten

Recall every place
Just remember it's December
There's no trace
Of anything
You meant to me
In the Spring of 83
Oh have you seen the state of me
Just an old man and the sea

Behind the past
Because the present
Cannot last

Take sanctuary
You and me
In the fog's security

We will be
Swept out to sea
A forgotten history