Family Planning (single)

by monkeyheaven



Alright mate! Watcha gonna do, eh mate? Watcha gonna do. Eh? You gotta put bread on the table, don't be daft. Everyone's got urges, yeah? Y'know? It's just the way things are. Survival of the fittest mate. It's only natural after all. Watcha gonna do?

A morality tale in two parts. Unfortunately, this is just the first part. But divvent fret pet, the second part's going to be a lot less fun.



released May 20, 2014



all rights reserved



monkeyheaven has all the usual stuff you'd expect to find in a popular music outfit except musicians or popular music.

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Track Name: Family Planning
You watch the world turning
Turning against you
You planned so much
You lost your touch
But watcha gonna do

When women worship you
They gotta learn
That passion burns
And love is never true


Hey Karen
Do you know Sharon
In Family Planning

I manage Mandy
My Monday rendezvous
But Tuesday's Betty Blue
I took them all in lieu

They planned a family
Those willing ingenues
But what you gonna do
When dreams do not come true

Oh how they yearn so much
To regain my former touch

Watcha gonna do
Watcha gonna do?