Lori b​/​w Melancholy Way (single)

by monkeyheaven feat. Howard Waller



An unlikely collaboration between two of England's oldest and least successful musicians, this single represents the low point of an already crushingly unloved repertoire.

What's this one about then? Probably something vaguely to do with Laurie Anderson and a crazy girl at a disco. The delusion of innocence; the cruel persistence of hope, reflected in a glitterball in a low-rent nightclub, the bass tones in the background of the final passage sounding a note of ominous warning à la Mahler 9, before being swept away by the pizzicato violas in a last rush of youthful exuberance. And all the while, fate - in the guise of an unlicensed kebab van - lies waiting outside in the glowering darkness.

The B-side, Melancholy Way, is an attempt to describe what's commonly referred to as 'the morning after the night before' in relation to Lori's somewhat foolish disco biscuit-induced quasi-upbeatness. Some have gone so far as to describe it as 'a chirpy little number in the vein of Joe Dolce'. I suspect they were being sarcastic. I know I am.


released August 4, 2012

Thanks to guest performer Howard Waller for writing and recording the two-synth sequence that forms the basis of Lori and which inspired the rest of it, and also for giving the song its title.



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Track Name: Lori
You used to be so sad
Until I met you
And when I met you
You used to be so sad you said

You know it's not that bad that I don't get you
But I can't let you
Induce a madness in my head

It's crazy when I think
Before I met you
That others set you
Along a path that led you here

I know I'm never going to forget you
You're gone
And yet you
Live your life through me instead

You'll be
The death of me
With your almost
Infinitely sad smile
You stayed a while
And then were gone
You were always so gone
Track Name: Melancholy Way
I don't really understand what's going on
I just tried to find a way to get along
But you
With your melancholy ways
Came through
And changed it all one day

And you
With your melancholy smile
Made it all
Seem worthwhile

I don't really understand
What to do
You say that I'll never be
Enough for you
For you

For you
With your melancholy ways
For you
Nothing is ok
For you
With your melancholy smile
For you