When In Rome b​/​w Remember The Time (single)

by monkeyheaven

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Your FREE super soaraway summer holiday giveaway single.

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It's free! But I wouldn't say no to a quid.

It's free! But give me your vulgar second car, your cashpoint PIN, the unused study in your house, your unread books, your unloved wife, the unlived years of your unloved life.

It's free! A single that celebrates everything great about the Great British Summer - holidays abroad but not too foreign, cruise liners that go nowhere interesting and then come back, bad discos, bad drugs, worse DJs, the worst clothes, fewer clothes, leching, welshing, frothing at the mouth, fraud, deception, hangovers, tragically twee reiterations of 70s culture viewed dimly through a haze of antihistamines and regret. And terrible, terrible music.

May contain traces of Gilbert O'Sullivan.

It's free.


released August 8, 2013



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monkeyheaven has all the usual stuff you'd expect to find in a popular music outfit except musicians or popular music.

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Track Name: When In Rome
I could make you make you
I could take you take you to my home
And then who knows
Cos when in Rome

Amarti mi amore
Mio squallore
Ci porterà lontano

I could make you make you
Something sweet I'll bake you
Ice cream cones
Just gis a go
On your sweet bones

I could make you make you
Feel the sweet heartbreak you've never known
The slow trombone
When no-one's home

You might just enjoy it
It's not a toy it
Even glows

Morrow I might wake you
Oh my angel cake with
Kisses thrown
Across your groans
Like cheap cologne

I like what you shown
In my ancient home
The disco zone

Potrei farti farti
Ah! potrei portarti a letto
Ma non lo so
Quando quando

O quando quando
O non lo so
Track Name: Remember The Time
Remember that time you lost your mind
Closed your eyes to pretend you were blind
And all the time you were just afraid to see
Close your eyes and pretend you're part of me

You meet Manuel at the seaside hotel
A cheap retreat from suburban hell
A part-built bar but he plays the guitar for free
You party like it's 1970

You once had a crush on a man with a blushing bride
And then he left and you got dressed and cried

Party like it's 1970
And you leave your clothes outside beside the sea

I went there to see you last year
They said you'd moved but they didn't know where
It can't be far cos you'd left all your LSD
I close my eyes and pretend you're really free

Remember that failed insurance fraud
Your hapless hope of a life abroad
You started home but you ended a refugee
Remember the time and then remember me

You once did a job on a man with a bob or two
But once on the rob you forgot who was robbing who

[Remember the time]
Party like it's 1970
[Remember the time]
And the part that's gone's the biggest part of me
[Remember the time]