Stay (promo single)

by monkeyheaven

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This is a track from the forthcoming album, Anne Marie, Ghost of the Sea; so it's a promo of sorts. I may remix it for the album. At the moment it's slightly reminiscent of Prince on Mogadon: an unintentional likeness, I can assure you. A Prince bereft of funk, if such a thing can be imagined. A woefully mojoless Prince stranded alone in the burnt out shell of an old ballroom which once reverberated to the sound of his celestial grooves. Actually it sounds nothing at all like Prince, but that image, once constructed, was just too attractive to discard. Perhaps that's what the song is about.

You're welcome to download it for free - just click on 'Buy Now' and enter 0, there are no strings attached - but as this is a 'name your price' release you can pay whatever you think it's worth if you're that way inclined.


Stay there
And live
With one
Who can give

All that
All that if only
You forgive

The stars for being bright
The moon
For being out tonight
Too soon

If you stay there

Stay there and be
All there is to me
Stay there and live
No need to forgive
The wine for being red
The bed
For being where you'd rest your head

If you'd stayed there

If you'd stayed


released August 17, 2012



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